Trash the Dress – Europe

NGM Photographic – UK May 15, 2008

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Contributed by: Nicola Grimshaw-Mitchell
As a wedding photographer, I mainly love the informal style of photos and have really enjoyed my TTD sessions as they’re a lot less stressful than a wedding! I’m based in the North of England near Manchester and TTD has yet to catch on here in a big way, but i’m hopeful once Brides see how much fun it is they’ll be requesting it from their photographer too!

The first TTD shoot was in a local park, my model Alex and me had a major fit of the giggles and really enjoyed ourselves, even though she’d been dreading it! She loved it so much she ended up volunteering to roll down hills! She also fell over while running in the park and couldn’t get up she was laughing so much! I wanted the photos to capture the fun as well as show how gorgeous she looked in the sun!

One shoot was at Chateau Pomiro in the south of France. I was shooting a wedding for their advertising and got Bev all to myself for an afternoon. We had a great time and used all the ‘farm’ props on the estate, she was in wheelbarrows, on the compost heap, firing up a chainsaw and even doing the gardening!



Tami-Foto, UK May 5, 2008

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Contributed by: Tami-Foto

My first trash the dress session happened to be with one of my brides from a previous year. I had spoken to her about it before, but it took her a while to ‘come around’ . . . Once she did, she realized how much fun this was going to be and really let her hair down (so to speak). I wish more brides would realize this as an opportunity to really get some dramatic, artistic images, without really having to ruin the dress.

I thoroughly enjoyed the session and look forward to others. I am currently offering these as an a la cart session for any wedding packages, but once this kicks off, I will more than likely include it as part of one or more of my packages.

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