Trash the Dress – Europe

Reverie Portrait Photography – UK April 26, 2008

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Contributed by: Clara Jones

I am a freelance photographer based in North Wales, UK, and taking my portrait photography business through its first year. After pursuing a lifelong love affair with photography, retro clothing, seaside and daydreaming, I have finally managed to fuse them all into a proper ‘reverie’. I think the idea of dressing up and wearing clothes belonging to a bygone era while strolling on the beaches is a romantic one. It also adds to the fun and creativity during the session ( though, it must be said, it is ok to wear ones own, contemporary outfits also !) The dressing room (part of our home studio) is packed with a wide variety of clothes and accessories, and the beach is only just down the road.

This particular session was shot during some tricky weather on Anglesey, but our persistent chasing after the brief sunny moments paid off, and resulted in a number of images with which we were quite pleased. For my brave bride they were a fair reward for enduring a couple of hours of running barefoot from place to place in the freezing cold (ok, not quite freezing). Absolutely loving the Trash The Dress concept, and waiting for a warmer weather now (and some more adventureous brides)!!