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PascaleRPhotography – UK March 9, 2008

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Bornemouth – 18/08/2007
Cold, windy and Rainy day!
But they went for it and even had lots of fun in the process!
The sea was mad, waves jumping all over the place!
We had to seriously shorten the shoot as my lens was covered with droplets of water and refused to focus no matter how many times I wiped it clean! We had to stop the shoot after only half an hour and decided to start again the next day, in a different location.

Bradford on Avon – 19/08/2007
Even colder than the previous day!
I asked them to immerse themselves in the river Avon and man, was it freezing cold! I don’t think I could have done it myself! But they did!! How brave is that! Carey was shivering all over! Once again, the shoot was shortened, due to the cold this time.
So all in all, we only worked together for an hour, but we did manage to get some wicked shots!
It was all worth it after all: they were delighted!

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