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Mallorca Wedding Services June 23, 2009

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Contributed by: Mallorca Wedding Services

My name is Richard and I’m an English photographer based in Mallorca. Originally I was a travel photographer shooting holiday destinations for the big travel and tourism companies around Europe. I ended up being sent to Mallorca so often that I decided to stay there! I am now established as the islands leading architectural/ real estate photographer and am making head way into the wedding market as well. Here is an TTD session shot for a Russian couple Roman & Alyona who were on holiday near Palma. Although they had already married in St Petersburg they bought their wedding clothes with them and we spent a fun day out around the city and beach of Palma de Mallorca. This was my first TTD session so we just went with the flow and both the B&G and myself enjoyed the day immensely. My old English based website is whilst the mallorca wedding photography can be found here: and real estate photography can be found here


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  1. Ben May Says:

    I looks like he’s enjoying the champagne more than she is 🙂 Nice lighting.

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