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Mallorca Wedding Services June 23, 2009

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My name is Richard and I’m an English photographer based in Mallorca. Originally I was a travel photographer shooting holiday destinations for the big travel and tourism companies around Europe. I ended up being sent to Mallorca so often that I decided to stay there! I am now established as the islands leading architectural/ real estate photographer and am making head way into the wedding market as well. Here is an TTD session shot for a Russian couple Roman & Alyona who were on holiday near Palma. Although they had already married in St Petersburg they bought their wedding clothes with them and we spent a fun day out around the city and beach of Palma de Mallorca. This was my first TTD session so we just went with the flow and both the B&G and myself enjoyed the day immensely. My old English based website is whilst the mallorca wedding photography can be found here: and real estate photography can be found here


Gary Tapp – Spain November 24, 2008

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This image was actually taken during the wedding day at the end of the session. The bride, groom and myself were all walking back from the airport runway in Gibraltar after shooting with the ‘The Rock’ in the background and on the way back we walked past the local petrol station. I couldn’t resist to ask the bride to jump in and grab the one of the pumps for the very last shots … and she did!