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Claire Dalgarno Photography November 22, 2007

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Contributed by: Claire Dalgarno

Laura & David are two of nicest people you could ever meet, and so easy to photograph.  They were married just back in August at a fab castle in Northumberland.  They managed to get a few weeks together before David (a Sergeant for the Marines) had to go to war in Afghanistan.  Meanwhile Laura is keeping herself very busy with her new business evolutionary fitness.  These shots were taken on the post-wed shoot at a few different locations, thankfully the weather stayed good that day.  Laura & I managed to get quite an audience at one of the locations but it didn’t seem to faze Laura in the slightest, she was an absolute star that day.  I’d like to thank Laura & David for the shoot & wish Laura good luck with her new business venture, and with a speedy return home for David.

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Ashley G Watts Photography November 16, 2007

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Contributed by: Ashley Watts

I have been a professional photographer for over 20years, My style is informal and fun. I am based in Essex but travel UK wide. I have just started Trash the Dress sessions and they are great fun, it is such a good idea and a way to show commitment to your husband and a chance to use your wedding dress for a second time with no worries about getting dirty! After all it would probably stay under the bed or somewhere gathering dust.

The young bride was so keen to do a Trash the Dress session after I explained all about the shoot and the idea behind it. So far it seems 75% of Brides are up for these Trash the Dress Sessions which is fantastic news. Who said the English are so reserved? The images were taken on a cold but bright day at a local venueand after the bride actually went into a lake, boy was that cold. A great day was had.

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Catkin Studio – UK November 2, 2007

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Contributed by: Michelle Jones

I’ve been a wedding photographer for three years. I started out in the traditional field and started to move into creative photojournalism after a year. I believe that Trash the Dress is a complete break away from thirty years ago where photographers lined everyone up and told them to smile. Trash the Dress is all about natural reactions, spontaneity and feeling free to have fun and to laugh out loud. This session was great, Vikki was up for everything and was such a trooper. It was very cold, a crisp October day. We got on like a house on fire. To begin we started of relatively clean, in and around Ludlow (Shropshire). We made a few people turn their heads when she got on the floor in a pristine white wedding dress, we just laughed! After the town centre we moved to the local forest. Vikki rolled around in the leaves and i just had to use the wonderful light. It was like a fairytale. It was starting to get towards dusk so I suggested we move down to the river. It was freezing in the water (I know, I got in with her) but she was up for the ‘ophelia’ shot (lying in the water with it blurred) and so we waded over to a deepish bit and she threw herself in, literally. I got some great images and she had a whale of a time. All in all it was a fantastic day.

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