Trash the Dress – Europe

Catkin Studio – UK November 2, 2007

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Contributed by: Michelle Jones

I’ve been a wedding photographer for three years. I started out in the traditional field and started to move into creative photojournalism after a year. I believe that Trash the Dress is a complete break away from thirty years ago where photographers lined everyone up and told them to smile. Trash the Dress is all about natural reactions, spontaneity and feeling free to have fun and to laugh out loud. This session was great, Vikki was up for everything and was such a trooper. It was very cold, a crisp October day. We got on like a house on fire. To begin we started of relatively clean, in and around Ludlow (Shropshire). We made a few people turn their heads when she got on the floor in a pristine white wedding dress, we just laughed! After the town centre we moved to the local forest. Vikki rolled around in the leaves and i just had to use the wonderful light. It was like a fairytale. It was starting to get towards dusk so I suggested we move down to the river. It was freezing in the water (I know, I got in with her) but she was up for the ‘ophelia’ shot (lying in the water with it blurred) and so we waded over to a deepish bit and she threw herself in, literally. I got some great images and she had a whale of a time. All in all it was a fantastic day.

Catkin Studio Website


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