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Claire Dalgarno – UK April 24, 2009

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Contributed by: Claire Dalgarno
Jo & Guy were married in Kent last year. Although I didn’t shoot their wedding Jo contacted me last year to photograph their post wedding shoot as she had seen some of my work on Trash the Dress website. Jo had horses & beach in mind & after some research found a stables in Northumberland (kimmerston stables) that hire horses to TV & Film. We decided on Bamburgh beach purely for its beauty. After a few hours sleep I headed up the coast to Bamburgh & arrived at 5am. The tide was fully out leaving pools on the rocks & wet sand. After a walk about on the beach to check exactly where I’d be shooting from I headed up to the farmhouse to pick up Jo & Guy. We got some great shots as the sun was rising. At that time of day the light is good. We finished the morning shoot at about 8.30am, Jo & Guy went back to the farmhouse & I decided to have a wander around Bamburgh until our evening shoot with the horses. Fueled by endless cups of coffee from Julie at “The Pantry” I was invigorated & found my second wind. 5pm & Dickie arrived with the horses. We headed onto the dunes for some shots with the castle in the background then onto the beach. The sun giving a nice warmth to the shots. People were starting to come up from the beach to head off home but the sight of a bride & groom on horseback gave them an excuse to stay a little longer. After the sun had set & the horses were gone we got a few more shots against the deep blue night sky. Here are just a few images from the shoot.

Claire’s Website


KJP Images – UK December 3, 2008

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Contributed by: Kris Pendlebury

I am Kris Pendlebury of KJP Images which is based on the Wirral, UK. I have always had a love of photography but it’s only recently I have pursued it as a career. Having spent four years training as an Accountant I decided it wasn’t for me and after building up my skills and working part time during 2007 I became a full time photographer in April of this year.

I am still very new and have a lot to learn but my love of photography and the inspiration given by visiting sites such as this drives me to constantly improve and aim for higher goals.

I’ve been waiting to do a ‘Trash The Dress’ shoot for a while now but couldn’t find anyone willing to give it a go. Luckily I was contacted by Cheryl & Richard who had heard of TTD and wanted some photo’s taken which were a bit different to their wedding pictures.

Well, I think I gave them what they wanted. The shoot took place at a couple of locations, near the windmill and woods of Bidston Hill and at the beach near New Brighton lighthouse. It was a beautiful sunny day but very cold especially once we got in the water for some photo’s. Cheryl and Richard were brilliant and happy to do anything I asked which made it much more relaxing and shows in the photo’s. Despite the sand and salty seawater, Cheryl’s dress cleaned up well which show’s that you don’t have to really trash your dress to still have fun and get some amazing pictures.

If you have enjoyed reading this and like my work, please visit my blog and website for the latest news and offers.


Tami-Foto – UK November 27, 2008

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Contributed by: Tami-Foto

One word: fun!

There’s nothing like a bride who is willing to do what it takes to capture some fun, non-traditional images. I’m so glad I have laura as a client, she makes my work so much more interesting and exciting.



Claire Dalgarno – UK November 9, 2008

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Contributed by: Claire Dalgarno

A huge thank you to Jill & Richard for the use of their fabulous farm. Weather wise we had a great day, everywhere else in the country seemed to have rain but it stayed sunny where we were. The farm had so much variety to offer. The couple were both great & got right into the shoot straight away, with Abbie & her gorgeous smile & Lee with his “Blue Steel” look!! Even Sam the pit bull seemed to have fun whilst peeing on my foot (good job I was wearing my wellies). Here are just a few of the images from the shoot. Thanks to Abbie & Lee for being so great & again to Jill & Richard.



Nicola Lambert Hyde – UK September 21, 2008

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Contributed by: Nicola Lamber Hyde – Dolly Photography

CHOOSING the wedding gown is arguably one of the most important decisions a bride will have to make – it has to be perfect, it has to have a ‘wow’ factor and it has to be memorable.
For most women, it will be the most expensive dress they ever buy – even budget brides pinch the pennies until they squeak to get their princess gown.
But – after the big day – the dress is safely stored and placed in the loft. Traditionally, brides kept it to make christening gowns for their firstborns – but now it’s more likely it will sit there forever, to be occasionally admired but never worn again.
But a new trend is emerging. Inspired by glossy magazines, brides are using their wedding gowns to do trendy fashion shoots.
The controversial Trash The Dress trend has already swept America with brides being photographed dousing their gowns in the ocean, tearing them to shreds and – in one image – setting it on fire.
In the UK, an increasing number of photographers are now offering the packages to brides – termed anything from Mess The Dress, Day After Shoots, Dangerous Bridals and Rock The Dress.
Nicola Hyde, of Dolly Photography, based in Barnsley, Yorkshire, says that British brides shouldn’t be scared off by the term.
She said: “I was married in October and the thought of deliberately ripping my dress makes me shudder. I do want to wear it again, I want to have fun with it – but it’s my special keepsake and I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to it.
“When I hear the term Trash The Dress, I get a little squeamish myself, so something as simple as changing the wording of the trend could make a massive difference.
“I know of one lady who takes her wedding dress out every year on her anniversary and wears it for a few hours – but how much fun would she have doing a photoshoot in it?”
Nicola has photographed brides as late as almost four years after their big day.
One of these, Becky Hill, 26, from York, was married in 2004 but her tight budget didn’t allow for a photographer and she had no images that showed the detail of her dress.
She picked an urban location that would contrast with the prettiness of her gown and was instead photographed on a derelict train track and in a former industrial site in Barnsley.
She said: “I hadn’t worn my dress in over three years so it was quite meaningful to pop it on again and have some fun in it. Instead of doing my hair all pretty and pinned like it was on my wedding day, I wore my favourite vintage cowboy boots that were a family heirloom and went for really vampish make-up.”



Sergerius Bruce Photography August 10, 2008

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Contributed by: Chanelle Bruce

We are a husband and wife team who shoot UK and Destination Weddings. Originally from South Africa we are now based in Dorking, Surrey and have been living in the UK for nearly 10 years. Our couples are absolutely loving the next day creative “Shoot The Dress” sessions that we offer.

Professional Photographer Magazine featured our work along with an interview in the July 2008 issue. In January of this year Chanelle was awarded Portrait Photographer of the year by Digital Photographer magazine.

To see more of our work vist our website and to keep up with latest news and photo shoots visit the blog


This Morning August 5, 2008

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Our admin at the main TTD website received an e-mail from a UK show called “This Morning” requesting brides to share their experience. We just wanted to pass it along for our readers. Sounds like a fun opportunity! Here’s what the email says:

“We’re looking for UK ladies who have recently got married (during some point this year) who may want to come on the show and have their dresses trashed live on TV.

If they could please contact me with a wedding pic, date they got married, any ideas of how they want to trash their dress and a contact number to –”