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Claire Dalgarno – UK April 24, 2009

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Contributed by: Claire Dalgarno
Jo & Guy were married in Kent last year. Although I didn’t shoot their wedding Jo contacted me last year to photograph their post wedding shoot as she had seen some of my work on Trash the Dress website. Jo had horses & beach in mind & after some research found a stables in Northumberland (kimmerston stables) that hire horses to TV & Film. We decided on Bamburgh beach purely for its beauty. After a few hours sleep I headed up the coast to Bamburgh & arrived at 5am. The tide was fully out leaving pools on the rocks & wet sand. After a walk about on the beach to check exactly where I’d be shooting from I headed up to the farmhouse to pick up Jo & Guy. We got some great shots as the sun was rising. At that time of day the light is good. We finished the morning shoot at about 8.30am, Jo & Guy went back to the farmhouse & I decided to have a wander around Bamburgh until our evening shoot with the horses. Fueled by endless cups of coffee from Julie at “The Pantry” I was invigorated & found my second wind. 5pm & Dickie arrived with the horses. We headed onto the dunes for some shots with the castle in the background then onto the beach. The sun giving a nice warmth to the shots. People were starting to come up from the beach to head off home but the sight of a bride & groom on horseback gave them an excuse to stay a little longer. After the sun had set & the horses were gone we got a few more shots against the deep blue night sky. Here are just a few images from the shoot.

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