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Foto Figueiredo – Maia, Portugal March 11, 2009

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Contributed by Nuno Figueiredo

I’m a 33 year old professional photographer from Portugal. I run a company started by my grandfather 48 years ago passed along to my father and now me and i decided to push the limits of what i was seeing being done around me and present something different to my clients.

I launched the Trash the Dress idea to a bride and groom in a wedding forum and they got another couple also wanting to do it. Here are the results of my first Trash the Dress which also happened to be doubles 🙂

I hope you like the result, and you can see the full slideshow at

Foto Figueiredo Website


Erika Gerdemark: Sweden March 3, 2009

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Erika Gerdemark is a photographer based in Sweden. Last summer she met Elin, a bride from 2006, for a session in central Stockholm. See more about Erika’s work at her website or at her blog.



Weddings Only: Olaf Siebert February 23, 2009

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Contributed by: Olaf Siebert

Belinda and Anthony decided to do a TTD session as part of their honeymoon in Hvar after their wedding in Dubrovnik. They live in London and wanted some unique pictures to remind them of their wedding celebrations and their time in beautiful Croatia.


Brigitte and Heinz Moser – Austrian Videographers December 24, 2008

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Contributed by: Brigitte Baier-Moser

We are Austrian wedding videographers called „IVID – Professional Video“ and our wedding site is We started videographing in 2002 and our aim is to produce high-quality wedding videos with a „wow-effect“. This is of course, primarily the main feature film of the wedding day but also further additions like trash the dress or engagement videos, etc.

One of our couples – Petra and Martin – got married in September in Styria (Southern Austria). For trashing the dress we decided to do go on a location in southern Europe because most Austrian lakes in October or November are rather cold and freezing!
So we went at the beginning of November to Italy/Jesolo and they trashed their dress. We took the first pictures at about 10 a.m at high tide. We only took a few shots because afterwards we went to Venice and we shot an interview of the couple for embedding it as story-frame for their main feature film (Petra and Martin reflected their wedding day). Then back in Jesolo we took further trash the dress pictures by low tide.

It was real a pleasure for us to capture this couple! After their wedding Petra posted their wedding-trailer in some bridal forums and it got enormous feedback of other people. If you’d like to watch their wedding-trailer also, you can find it here:

trash the dress in jesolo from Brigitte Baier-Moser on Vimeo.

Feel free to visit our website with another samples of our work and other really great couples .

And now please enjoy the trash-the-dress-video of Petra and Martin:

trash the dress in jesolo from Brigitte Baier-Moser on Vimeo.


KJP Images – UK December 3, 2008

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Contributed by: Kris Pendlebury

I am Kris Pendlebury of KJP Images which is based on the Wirral, UK. I have always had a love of photography but it’s only recently I have pursued it as a career. Having spent four years training as an Accountant I decided it wasn’t for me and after building up my skills and working part time during 2007 I became a full time photographer in April of this year.

I am still very new and have a lot to learn but my love of photography and the inspiration given by visiting sites such as this drives me to constantly improve and aim for higher goals.

I’ve been waiting to do a ‘Trash The Dress’ shoot for a while now but couldn’t find anyone willing to give it a go. Luckily I was contacted by Cheryl & Richard who had heard of TTD and wanted some photo’s taken which were a bit different to their wedding pictures.

Well, I think I gave them what they wanted. The shoot took place at a couple of locations, near the windmill and woods of Bidston Hill and at the beach near New Brighton lighthouse. It was a beautiful sunny day but very cold especially once we got in the water for some photo’s. Cheryl and Richard were brilliant and happy to do anything I asked which made it much more relaxing and shows in the photo’s. Despite the sand and salty seawater, Cheryl’s dress cleaned up well which show’s that you don’t have to really trash your dress to still have fun and get some amazing pictures.

If you have enjoyed reading this and like my work, please visit my blog and website for the latest news and offers.


Tami-Foto – UK November 27, 2008

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Contributed by: Tami-Foto

One word: fun!

There’s nothing like a bride who is willing to do what it takes to capture some fun, non-traditional images. I’m so glad I have laura as a client, she makes my work so much more interesting and exciting.



Gary Tapp – Spain November 24, 2008

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Contributed by: Gary

This image was actually taken during the wedding day at the end of the session. The bride, groom and myself were all walking back from the airport runway in Gibraltar after shooting with the ‘The Rock’ in the background and on the way back we walked past the local petrol station. I couldn’t resist to ask the bride to jump in and grab the one of the pumps for the very last shots … and she did!