Trash the Dress – Europe

Christopher Perkins – UK October 5, 2008

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Contributed by: Christopher Perkins

To me ‘Trash The Dress’ is all about having fun. It’s a about creating a memento of the most special time in your life, a piece of art that is about you and your relationship. It should be individual and unique.

In my shoots I am completely open to all idea’s and directions. I want to work with you to create beautiful imagery that you will treasure and show off to your family and friends.

Since starting up my business in 2007, I have shot all sorts of imagery, from landscape to fashion, products to people. I am young (27 at the moment) and enthusiastic, with plenty of energy and ideas. I am currently based in Cheshire, UK, though I am happy to travel anywhere for my work.

I should point out that the girls in these photographs are models, but this was necessary in order to build my portfolio and show potential clients what I am about. From here on in it’s all about brides and grooms having fun…

Please feel free to browse through my various portfolios at, or you’ll find all my new work on my blog, at I look forward to discussing your ideas.



One Response to “Christopher Perkins – UK”

  1. PatB Says:

    Lovely pictures, I especially like the ones around the derelict buildings, which have so much atmospher with the contrast between beauty and decay.

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