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The Wedding Photographers – Austria September 9, 2008

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Contributed by: Norman Schatz

Our Team with 6 photographers is called “Die Hochzeitsfotografen” or “The
Wedding Photographers” and is a project of the company “Green Lemon
Photography – Norman Schätz”, which is based in Austria (Klosterneuburg &
Vienna). I am the head of the company and we started our wedding
photography project in 2006 and we are very happy with our work.

The photos are from my colleague Claire Morgan and me. The Session was at
“Grüner See” in Styria Austria in June 2008. It´s a very nice and cold
mountain lake in the Austrian Alps. So the water temperature was just 8
degrees …. but we had a lot of fun :). Our TTD model is Carina and she
married approx. 1 month before and her wish was a great TTD-Session. She
likes our photos very much and so will do a secend TTD-Session end of
September again.

The link to our TTD-Slideshow is:

Website: EnglishAustrian


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