Trash the Dress – Europe

Gary Tapp –, Spain September 4, 2008

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Contributed by Gary Tapp

Gary Tapp, the founder of setup a team of photographers and videographers to cover weddings and events along the Costa Del Sol in Spain (including Gibraltar) and has been shooting everything from Fashion / Commercial / Glamour Models, Social Events and Weddings along the coast for the last 5 years.

These pictures of Joanne were taken a couple of months after her wedding in April 2008 on the local beach near Marbella. I managed to convince her to go for a ‘Trash The Dress’ session and she went for it. Her dress had already been ‘Trashed’ and dirtied during the actual wedding, so she had the dress modified (shortened) so that she could wear it again for subsequent engagement parties. Her flowers were not real as she’s allergic to flowers so the bouquet was still around to use in the session which added to the shots. The weather was perfect, warm and sunny, but the sea was just rough enough for the dramatic style.

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One Response to “Gary Tapp –, Spain”

  1. Shaun Foulds Says:

    Great photo. Love the mood and the feel to the waves and colors of the day. I love the idea of trash the dress. I am a videographer and have been thinking down this line for sometime and would love to do something like this in HD.

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