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Claire Dalgarno Photography – UK August 5, 2008

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Contributed by Claire Dalgarno

These were taken at the weekend when the bride & groom returned from honeymoon. The weather on their wedding day was terrible, it rained from start to finish & they didn’t get a chance to have any images taken outdoors. This shoot was great, a couple of hours before, the sky turned black & we had hail stones the size of pound coins, traffic was at a stand still as it was so bad!!! The sun eventually came out & we had fantastic light for the shoot, stormy clouds against blue sky & sun, wish everyday was like that.

Claire’s Website


5 Responses to “Claire Dalgarno Photography – UK”

  1. shaunieboy Says:

    Extremely handsome couple !!!!!

  2. Eve & Geoff Hunter Says:

    The most amazing wedding photos I have ever seen. You are to be commended. They made us cry they were so beautiful.
    Eve & Geoff

  3. allan wilson Says:

    Helen you look beautiful !

    Shaun as handsome as ever

    love from big brother/inlaw


  4. Karen Finn Says:

    Wow, amazing! Don’t think I’ve ever seen wedding photo’s as great as these. Helen looks stunning in the one on her own. You make a fantastic couple.

  5. Ben May Says:

    I’ve seen the last photo before somewhere, loved it then love it now. Did you tie the vail round the rail?

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