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Meyfroidt Photography – UK August 1, 2008

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Contributed by: Steve Meyfroidt

Coming from the commercial world into portrait and wedding photography about three years ago, I’ve tried to bring an artistic edge inspired by the latest fashion trends. The studio is based between Carlisle and Penrith in Cumbria, UK, giving us access to amazing landscapes that inspire creative ‘day after’ shoots. This is the first year we’ve offered these shoots and there’s been a great response, with bookings both locally and further afield outside the UK: can’t wait for the next one!

The couple in these images love the great outdoors and were completely open to the idea of an arty shoot on the day after their wedding day.

Unfortunately (or in hindsight, “fortunately”, given the fab shots we created) both the wedding day and the day after had severe gales and rain: bad enough to shut local roads and stop the ferries in the Lake District. But not bad enough to stop us tramping over the hills above Ullswater before beating a hasty retreat to the lake to finish off the shoot!

With bride and groom completely soaked in my car on the way back, we spotted a pair of cyclists coming the other way. I wound down the window and the bride shouted out ‘have you seen a church round here?’. Poor guy thought she was being serious, though his partner did see the funny side!

Website: Meyfroidt Photography


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