Trash the Dress – Europe

Kayhan Photography – Scotland, UK September 12, 2007

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Contributed by: Kayhan Shaghaghi and Nicola Searle

When a Persian and a British-American collaborate, you can expect something slightly different. After we teamed up two years ago, our styles changed dramatically. Kayhan enhanced his classical perspective while Nicola developed her enthusiasm for fashion and modern art. Today, our styles make Kayhan Photography- we specialize in timeless yet contemporary wedding photography. We are particularly excited about Trash the Dress sessions as shooting a beautiful bride in natural settings always creates exotic images.

In the first Trash the Dress session, Caroline had decided she didn’t want to let her dress just gather dust. Instead, she took her dress on a photographic tour of the medieval town of St Andrews. We found the shopping cart on the beach and she climbed straight in! We got a couple of strange looks from tourists, but Caroline loved every moment of the shoot.

In the second session, we trashed a less expensive dress (while we encourage brides to trash their real dress, this offers them the option of a TTD shoot, but without touching their actual wedding dress.) We started fairly late in the day and the setting sun allowed us to experiment more with lighting. Again set in St Andrews, this shoot was quickly followed by a hot shower!

Kayhan Photography

Kayhan Photography

Kayhan Photography

Kayhan Photography

Kayhan Photography

Kayhan Photography

Kayhan Photography

Kayhan Photography Website


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