Trash the Dress – Europe

Jenny Blad – Sweden August 24, 2007

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Contributed by: Jenny Blad

I´ve been working as a photographer for only three years but it is going quite well for me already – which I am soooooo happy about! My style is very “active”. I like when I browse through a couple’s album and a lot of things are happening in it – I also love colour – so sparkly coloured backgrounds when I shoot weddings is something I often strive for. I love to mix things up so a lovely couple with their lovely wedding clothes and looking as gorgeous as they can combined with a really scruffy background is my taste. BUT I make sure that I can manage all styles. How boring would it be to just do ONE style all the time????

With this TTD session, I had a reaaalllly tight scedule the day of this couples wedding because I had two other wedding portrait sessions this day so I asked the bride if she had bought her dress or was renting it. She had made it herself and wasn´t at all particular about hanging on to it afterwards. So I presented the idea about this TTD session and they were all for it.

Jenny Blad

Jenny Blad

Jenny Blad

Jenny Blad

Jenny Blad’s Website


6 Responses to “Jenny Blad – Sweden”

  1. Petra Hall Says:

    Jenny, you’re a natural at anything you do! I’m a big fan, and I know you’ll strike it big here in Sweden. (Puss på dig, min vän!)

  2. jenny Says:

    oohh thankyou dear! hugs and kisses!

  3. markeric Says:

    Great work Jenny, very nice set.

  4. Alysia Says:

    I love your photos. Out of all the Trash the Dress photos I have seen for several reasons.
    1. The photos are of the couple together
    2. They look happy and not homeless.
    3. Fun and happiness is what a wedding is about and your photos read that.

    Great job!!!
    They are a great couple and these are great shots.

  5. Jenny Says:

    Wow thanks u guys!

  6. Anna Says:

    Beautiful as always!! 😉

    (Jenny did the honours at our wedding in London some years ago and we still have people admiring our pictures which were taken all over London’s famous landmarks – she’s clearly a natural for the job!)

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