Trash the Dress – Europe

James Burns – Flawless Photo – UK August 21, 2007

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Contributed by: James Burns – Flawless Photo

I’ve been shooting weddings for around 5 years now, though I originally got into it by accident when a friend and photographer colleague was in a road accident and asked me to replace him to photograph a wedding. I’m now responsible for Flawless Photo – a wedding photography business based in and around Durham in North East England. I love photographing weddings – I still consider myself incredibly privileged to be able to capture a couple’s special day for them and seeing a bride’s face light up when she sees her photographs for the first time is all the incentive I need to keep pushing myself further to produce great results.

It was a natural progression for me then to start offering Trash the Dress sessions. I mention them to all of my brides and I was lucky enough to recently have one of them accept. I had loads of great ideas for the session and I think a TTD is a great way to get some of the photographs that you maybe wanted to get on your wedding day, but didn’t have the time or confidence to do. That’s exactly how I sold it to this couple and they jumped at the chance. I offer TTD sessions to all of my brides now and I’ve had a lot of interest about doing more. I mention to everyone that there’s no real way to predict how a Trash the Dress session will run, as they’re all different. I just say that there’s nothing anybody has to do and I’ll never push anybody into doing anything. I also tell brides to wear a pair of flat shoes and to bring a towel!

Flawless Photo

Flawless Photo

Flawless Photo

Flawless Photo

Flawless Photo Website


3 Responses to “James Burns – Flawless Photo – UK”

  1. Petra Hall Says:

    James, I really like the angles, the light and the feel in these images. Just gorgeous!

  2. James Says:

    Thanks Petra – I really appreciate that!

  3. Ben May Says:

    Nice composition

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