Trash the Dress – Europe

Petra Hall – Sweden August 18, 2007

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Contributed by: Petra Hall

I live in northern Sweden, in a small town called Piteå. 2007 is my third season at shooting weddings, however it’s not a full-time job, as I also do other things. My wedding style is a mix of traditional portraits and capturing moments. In my images I hope to relay both romance, passion and fun and I often get my subjects to relax and feel that taking portraits is one of the most fun parts of their wedding day.

With this Trash the Dress session, I loved the fact that I (and the bride) could let all inhibition fly out the window and shoot great portraits in environments that are not very common when shooting wedding portraits. The contrast between the beautiful and delicate in contrast with the urban and dirty intrigues me. The goal is not to actually destroy the dress or relay some type of depressed feeling but to be less careful of the dress than on the wedding day and thus getting some killer bridal portraits.

In the images below, we tried to tell a story about a bride waiting for her man to show up for their wedding, but he never turned up. She waits by the harbor, and then she decides to dive into the water to fetch her man, but she gives up (maybe she had a wake-up call by the cold water!) and she returns to shore, removes her dress and leaves.

Petra Hall

Petra Hall

Petra Hall

Petra Hall

Petra Hall

Petra Hall

Petra Hall

Petra Hall

Petra Hall

Petra Hall

Petra Hall’s Website


6 Responses to “Petra Hall – Sweden”

  1. Annika Says:

    AWESOME photos. I can’t wait til you will shoot our wedding!!!

  2. Petra Hall Says:

    Thank you Annika! I can’t wait either – but first we will shoot you without the dress (bouidor), then the wedding and after that we can trash the dress. 🙂

  3. markeric Says:

    Love your work Petra! Doesn’t Petra mean “rock”? How appropriate 😉

  4. Olaf Siebert Says:

    Lovely set of images, Petra!

  5. These are great images Petra, thank you. It definitely beats leaving the dress in a closet!

  6. Ben May Says:

    I love the umbrella

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