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Olaf Siebert [ WEDDINGS ONLY! ] – Croatia August 13, 2007

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Contributed by: Olaf Siebert

[ WEDDINGS ONLY! ] is located in Croatia since 2005 and covers South East Europe. Our style is spontaneous but with an eye for detail and unique for Croatia. We not only love to photograph we also love weddings!

The TTD sessions are great to do and we noticed that our couples are very relaxed. The stress from the wedding is behind them and therefore our couples are more able to give their selves resulting in a very nice set of extraordinary images. Next to this, we noticed that it is big FUN to shoot those special sessions.

Martina – the bride in the pool – wanted something real special and this was our first TTD session. We photographed her both from ‘ashore’ as well from under water simultaneously.

Marina & Igor first redesigned the wedding dress and while a storm was approaching we used the dramatic lightning for the final session in a small fountain. Some people might think it is a pity to trash a dress but the idea is that due to the celebration of the eternal character of the matrimony the wedding dress as a material symbol of the wedding is not needed anymore.

This style of photography is highly unusual for the region but we’re surprised to see that so many brides are interested. It shows us that wedding photography is gaining value in Croatia and appreciated by modern brides.

Olaf Siebert

Olaf Siebert

Olaf Siebert

Olaf Siebert

Olaf Siebert

Olaf Siebert

Olaf Siebert

Olaf Siebert

Olaf Siebert

Olaf Siebert

Olaf Siebert’s website


5 Responses to “Olaf Siebert [ WEDDINGS ONLY! ] – Croatia”

  1. amorphia Says:

    Olaf, your first & fourth shots are simply beautiful and number 3 is so unusual. A great set of images!

  2. Petra Hall Says:

    Olaf, I just love these underwater images. Now I want to find a pool! 🙂

  3. Steve Says:

    I think your work is GREAT! I really like the ones where the bride is cutting her dress. Was that a real bride and her real dress.

  4. This is Great work….Love it very nice

  5. I love the ones where the bride is cutting and ripping her dress. Those are truly amazing shots and she looks like she’s having a great time trashing her gown.

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