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Bev Davies – UK August 11, 2007

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Contributed by: Bev Davies

My background is in wedding photography and I have been shooting weddings full time for four years with my partner Barrie Downie of BD Wedding Photography. We currently photograph around 35 weddings a year and get to see some fantastic places through our work – we consider ourselves very lucky!

I shot my first Trash the Dress session in March 2007 having been inspired by seeing the imagery produced by photographers in America where Trashing the Dress is huge! We are fortunate to live on the beautiful South Coast of England and to have miles of beautiful coastline on the doorstep as well as forest and open countryside, all ideal dress trashing locations. The first session I did was just to test the water (sorry!) and the feedback from everyone who saw the pictures was incredible so I now offer it to all Brides booking their wedding with me and also to anyone who has been married a while who fancies getting the dress out of the cupboard and putting it to good use. There are no requirements for a Trash the Dress session other than a great sense of humour and an open mind!

Bev Davies

Bev Davies

Bev Davies

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