Trash the Dress – Europe

Trash the Dress – Europe August 10, 2007

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If you’ve never heard of Trash the Dress, don’t be fooled by the name but skim through the pages of the Trash the Dress website and view the artistic & creative work that has been produced by many photographers. Hundreds of photographers have embraced this concept and are creating images that have changed bridal photography and these photo shoots have become a great way for brides to wear their dresses again and create images that are memorable & out of the ordinary. It’s entirely the bride’s choice as to how far she wants to go to trash her dress – whether it’s just getting the hem dirty & her dress dusty whilst in an abandoned warehouse or whether she chooses to totally trash her dress in a swamp we’re willing to be there to take those shots!

Over the past year, Trash the Dress has received much publicity in America and has been featured in the New York Times, Entertainment Tonight & Good Morning America and the list continues on. The publicity has been both positive & negative. Many brides & photographers have accepted the concept and are eager to create something unusual, whilst others have felt it’s a travesty to ruin an expensive dress or that it’s simply a trend that will dwindle. Whether or not Trash the Dress will fade into the background remains to be seen although, a year on & judging by the submissions on the website, it definitely doesn’t look that way! Mark Eric and the hard-working staff of Trash the Dress have also addressed the misconceptions of “destroying” wedding dresses. As photographers we enjoy pushing the boundaries, motivating ourselves to improve our imagery & creating non-traditional images and for us it’s far about more about creation than it is destruction. If our clients wish to donate their dresses after a little dry-cleaning has worked it’s magic, this post will give you an idea as to how to go about doing so.

Mark Eric, has very kindly asked us to put together a site which will bring together a selection of dress-trashing images from Europe. We’ll soon be featuring some great work from European photographers as well as an interview & some images from Mark Eric, an exceptional photographer, who has done much to forward the TTD concept. We’ll also go back over the past year of Trash the Dress and pick out a few of our favorite images.

If you’re a bride and are considering one of these sessions, please contact one of the trusted photographers on the list in your area… more will be added shortly! If you’re a photographer based in Europe and have any submissions, feel free to contact me at

I tend to think of Trash the Dress like Marmite … you either love it or you hate it!


5 Responses to “Trash the Dress – Europe”

  1. Sean Leslie Quinn Says:

    Having been, quite literally, spellbound by the American Trash the Dress site, I am delighted to discover we now have a European version, bringing these enchantments closer to home. I hope I am not being boastful, nor trying to dismiss the amazing images that are flowing across the Atlantic, if I say that English eccentricity, ought to provide a fresh new spin on the idea, despite our somewhat blustery coastlines !

    I am sure there are equal treasures to be found right across Europe; new ideas, different perspectives.

    This new venture is certainly cause for celebration.

  2. Christine Says:

    Hooray! TTD EU style.
    Married for 5 months now and I’ve been itching to get into my frock again (not entirely sure it’ll fit). Will be checking out the list of UK photographers or might make a long weekend in Europe out of it!

  3. Shocked Wife Says:

    This is sick

  4. amorphia Says:

    I’m taking a wild guess that “sick” isn’t being used as urban slang for cool, funky or off the hook! šŸ™‚

    Seriously though, our aim honestly isn’t to offend anyone but rather to provide brides with lasting & unusual memories. Some of the images we’ve seen are truly beautiful pieces of artwork which will stay with these ladies for a lifetime & be passed down to their children, much like a dress. Very few dresses are “trashed” beyond redemption and if you look at the main website ( brides are encouraged to donate their dresses to charity when they have no further use of them and it’s also something that we’ll be encouraging on the European version of the site too.

    Thanks for taking the time to visit us!

  5. Mike Patterson Says:

    Hey Sofie,

    Sites looking good, once the site goes live I will be adding my details to the list. It would be awesome to get the first TTD Irish session on record.

    Take care and howdy to Paul


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